David Vanadia

Tai Chi Classes Coming Soon on LBI

Winter Tai Chi classes on Long Beach Island will begin in November. Location details TBA. Check the schedule for details.

Never Forget 9/11

As we enter the fifteenth year since September 11, 2001, it becomes more and more obvious that there will be less and less of us who remember the event first hand. If you were not there, or if you just want to remember, watch My 9/11 and/or read through the stories and folklore that surrounded that tragic day.

Who’s Having Dessert?

We are entering the time of year when sugary junk food is everywhere (you know, as opposed to other times of the year). Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays will have you tempted to let go of reason and indulge with the idea that you will work it all of starting January 1st. It’s time to Stop Being Sweet!