Should I Get an MFA?

woman with a crystal ball

You’re thinking about getting an MFA, but you have a few concerns or questions. Here are some things to think about before you enroll.

Think About Work

Artists who need an MFA often want the degree to open doors inside of an institution. Maybe they want to make more money within a university or they’re working at a job where a graduate degree would step them up a notch on the pay scale. If you’re sure that having the MFA will catapult you into a better, well paying gig, then it can be well worth it to enroll in graduate school. That is, unless you lose your job.

Think About Mental Expansion

If you’re interested in an MFA simply because you want to expand your mental horizons, then the MFA might not be worth it for you. There are many continuing education courses on the local level and even more instruction is available online at low cost or for free. If you’re going to pay $50,000+ in tuition to expand your mind, consider taking a round-the-world trip instead. If you’re set on getting an MFA for intellectual stimulation, make sure that the brand of stimulation you’re seeking can definitely be attained at the school in which you’re going to enroll.

Think About Connections

Artists who feel that they haven’t made the right connections often look to an MFA program. Consider that you might only come in contact with a small group of people in your graduate school cohort. Then consider that you might only get along with a tiny portion of that group. If connections are what you seek, think about joining or forming a club or organization.

Think About Money

If you have to borrow money to pay for tuition, think twice. Debt crushes creativity. Right now you’re not in grad school debt. Feels good, right?