Should I Quit Grad School?

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You’re half way through school, broke, and feel like it’s a rip off. Maybe you had a run-in with a professor who said you can walk away anytime if you don’t like how things are done there. Should you drop out of college?

Drop Out

Dropping out only insures that you get the worst of both worlds: a mountain of debt (or lost money) and no degree. Debt means you need a job and not having a degree makes it harder to get a job. That’s a crappy place to be. What’s worse is, when you job hunt, you have to either pretend you never started college or come up with a really good story about why you didn’t finish. Dropping out sucks.

Take a Break

Taking a break can give you a chance to breathe, maybe spend some time working—or not working. You can go back to school after you’ve saved up some money, or after you feel ready for it. The only bad thing about taking a break is that there’s a good chance you’ll get involved in other things and never find the time to get back to your studies.

Change Status

If you’re full-time, go part-time. That makes things more manageable, but you’ll be in school longer. If you’re part-time, change to full-time. Going full-time will make things more hectic, but you’ll get done faster. 


If you’re unhappy with your program, see if you can take your credits to another institution. If you’ve done well where you are, and you’re at a reputable school, it’s possible you will be able to keep your academic standing. Just be sure to get your transfer credits in writing before you transfer. If you’re in a school where the credits won’t transfer…

Stay In School

Stay in school and do whatever it takes to get the most out of the remainder of your education. Consider it a temporary boot camp. If you survive college, it quickly becomes a distant memory. Get your degree and get on with the opportunities that await you after you graduate.

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