Bye, NYC

Joe Jr. Diner

My last meal as a New York City resident was a veggie burger deluxe at Joe Jr., which was my favorite local diner. (It’s still there.)

As I sat eating, I thought of how my friend Jason once said that he could get rid of things more easily if he wrote about them. Then I wondered if this whole project was worth it. Would people want to read about my stuff? Who would care?

My hope in documenting all of this is that it causes you to reconsider all of the things you own, and take an action step towards something you have been thinking or dreaming about doing. Once I started to get rid of my stuff, it became easier to let go of the past and move into the future.

The Table

You will likely forget most of the things that hold you down (if you don’t document them). Let go!


If you are ever near 16th & 3rd in Manhattan, stop by Joe Jr., get yourself a veggie burger deluxe and take some time to think.

Be careful though, because you might end up casting off all that weighs you down, and find yourself jumping into a wild, wonderful adventure. Goodbye, New York City. It’s been fun.