PDX Tai Chi 2004-2015

doing Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga

PDX Tai Chi was the moniker for my fitness classes in Portland, OR.

I landed my first professional Tai Chi teaching job when I moved to Portland in the summer of 2004. It was a dream come true. I used to take a bus to downtown from St. Johns, transfer to ride the Street Car to what would become the South Waterfront, and then walk the train tracks south to Avalon Health Spa. It took over an hour to get there. Then I would teach an hour-long class, and head home. It was worth it!

Eventually I taught classes in parks, theaters, schools, businesses, wellness centers, gyms, assisted living centers, studios, and at art events. I was in the first cohort to attend teacher training at The Lotus Seed Yoga school, and I am a registered yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance.

I’ve led one-on-one lessons to group exercise events of 250+ people.

Locations (select)
  • adidas, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • Avalon Health Spa, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Bally Total Fitness, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • BodyVox, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Clackamas Community College, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Friendly House, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Homewoods on the Willamette, Portland, OR (Chair Yoga)
  • March Wellness, Portland, OR (Yoga, Tai Chi)
  • Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Portland Center Stage, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Portland Parks & Rec., Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Cardio Kickboxing)
  • Prana, Portland, OR (Qigong)
  • Recess Wellness, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • RiverPlace Athletic Club, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga)
  • Spa Chakra Fitness, Portland, OR (Cardio Boxing, Yoga)
  • Straight Blast Gym, Portland, OR (Yoga)
  • Studio Nia, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Vibrant Studios, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Working Class Acupuncture, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • YWCA, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • 10th Ave. Athletic Club, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga)
  • 24 Hour Fitness, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)