My Sweet(s) Story

My name is David. I was am a sugar addict. For over ten years, I’ve abstained from sugar throughout the year, and eaten whatever I wanted for the few days between Halloween and my birthday on November 3rd. That’s been my sugar abstinence plan (mostly).

David with a cookie in his mouth.
eating my last cookie of 2003

I went on a cross-country road trip in 2003. Along the way, I purchased and ate six boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one day. That’s when I declared I would not eat any sweets until the Girl Scout cookies came out again nine months later. That was the longest I had ever abstained from sweets, and it started me on a roller coaster of abstinence and indulgence that ultimately led to me avoiding sweets most of the year annually. started in 2005 as a personal blog about my attempt to quit sugar. Blogs were hot back then, and people began to email me from all over the world to ask me how I managed to successfully avoid sugary junk food. Stop Being Sweet ultimately helped thousands of people, and it was a wild ride. I ran virtual and IRL support meetings, sugar-free challenges, workshops, coaching, an online forum, an ebook, and I gave lectures.

David speaking at OSHU.
speaking about sugar addiction at Oregon Health and Science University

Stop Being Sweet has been offline for a bit. While it was offline, I found that I slipped back into my old habits more easily. Practicing a skill with other people means exchanging ideas, and that helps you grow. Having people to discuss things with keeps the topic on your tongue, and the concepts in your mind.

I am now slowly rebuilding this website to share what I have learned about sugar abstinence with the WWW once again. I won’t be using social media or blog post comments anymore so say hello, and let me know what you want to know.